A Wonderfur Winter

A Wonderfur Winter represented a big win for Big Image – breaking fully into Purina’s business with this project, Big proved their value with creating a promotional program to leverage the holidays as a key gift giving season for pets. With the ask being to gain incremental display and increase the Purina brand share, it had to be something special.

Wonderfur Winter Mockup Feature

Utilizing some of my illustration skills, we created a beautiful concept that spoke to the winter holiday gift giving without specifically mentioning any holiday specifically, or referencing them iconically. Focusing on a clever take on ‘A Winter Wonderland’ (or a Wonderful Winter), I illustrated out an eye-pleasing winter scene. The original concepts used illustrated animals, but we decided early on that a real animal within the piece would stand out – and would connect with the consumers better.



This was rolled out to retail activation, packaging, Point of Sale materials, and a ton of creative collateral.

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