William Grant & Sons

Although I didn’t get the chance to work extensively on the William Grant’s portfolio while I was at Brandworks, I did get the chance to do a couple of great little projects. The first was creating a t-shirt that would be merch’d at the Toronto Jazz Festival. It had to be slick, cool, simple, and play off the current brand tagline: Try A Different Angle. I like it.

William Grant Tshirt Front

The second venture was working on the Balvenie Ads. Balvenie has been using the same ads for decades now, simply changing the text that their little sophisticant is uttering. While I didn’t really get to ‘art direct’ these per se, I was assisting the writer in coming up with the lines. Sarah Vinten was the writer for these ads – and I have to commend her on her work. Everything I’ve seen from her was incredible. She’s a talented writer, and if she shows up in your office looking for a job, hire her and pay her lots of money.





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