The Watchtower Website V2

A few weeks ago, we launched the second official iteration of the Watchtower website design – the third over the course of the sites life.

Watchtower Site V2

While the new design lifted from the same feel as the previous iteration, a lot of the details were streamlined and made to be a little slicker. There were a number of fixes and adds that needed to take place, as over a year of activity on the site with little to no proper maintenance had created some issues with the ad server, the archives, contact and bio pages.

Along with the fixes, a few new features were added – better RSS syndication of other news feeds, dynamic sidebars for content, and customized pages for individual content delivery, and a clean-up of the logo for a fresher, glossier look.

Watchtower Site V2

So far, user response has been overwhelmingly positive, despite a few cross-browser compatibility bugs that are being corrected it the coming month.

Jeff vs Donnie

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