The Watchtower Podcast Logo

The Watchtower Podcast is a weekly half-hour show that brings the latest news in comics, interviews with comic artists and writers, and tons more. It’s hosted by Jeff Moss (also the writer and co-founder of No Reason Comics) and the venerable Donnie (Questy) Coulter.

This is the logo I did for them.



I’ve know Moss my entire adult/adolescent life, so designing a logo that struck a chord with him wasn’t difficult. Donnie, however was more of a challenge. An artist himself, he had several ideas of what the logo should look like. The fantastic part of that note is that he submitted a few drawings of his ‘vision’. I wish I still had it, as it would show the evolution I took to create this piece.

The central themes of this were really the lightning, and the idea of eternal-watching. Although the name is taken from the Justice League’s base of operations, Instead of attempting to create some-kind of science fiction-esque technology icon (as was done by an imitator a few months later), The icon needed to have a feel of something iconic reminiscent of the tendency of the classic superhero need to emblazon a symbol on the chest.

I can’t remember what Coulter’s rationale for the lightening was, but it worked pretty well into the design. The ‘W’ was meant to be a symbol, and a skull was worked into the metal reflective image of the W to give the sense of some sort of figure watching. All this on a pretty simple circular sheild has given the Watchtower an epic and recognizable feel.

I also help manage their website as well, and provide art content for it.

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