The Art Of Productions Rebrand

A fews years after I helped Simplicate Interactive create a website for The Art of Marketing, they returned to us to update and rebrand as their business had grown exponentially. The Art of Marketing had grown into ‘The Art Of’ productions, a set of conferences with thematic changes and had expanded to venues across the country and were breaking into international arenas. They now had successful conferences around Leadership, Marketing, Sales and were expanding into other areas, like a conference aimed at women in leadership specifically.

The old logo was built out of the Helvetica Neue without spacing era – a style utilizing mostly large, lowercase thin type with little kerning and utilizing font-weights to differentiate words. While that worked for their initial years for smaller conferences as an eye catching way to get attention in print, it was failing as their business expanded. What they needed to turn over to was a Logo system – a core icon and framework that could be broken out systematically for themed conferences and the different uses – core communications, magazines and unknowable new ventures.

They had already done a bit of work into this realm on their magazine, so taking the direction they started in, and working with their in-house designer (funnily enough, named ‘Art’), we collaborated and narrowed down a big field of options to this:

The Art Of Rebrand Comparison

The ‘A’ had already been used in lowercase as a placeholder for iconography, so we built off that thinking. We switched to an all-caps type, so it made sense to switch the icon to a capital A. The positioning within the block was intended to give a sense of movement forward. Clipping it was intended to speak to breaking boundaries and getting outside the box – the kind of thinking and networking that was encouraged by many of the speakers at these conferences. By dividing the bar of the A, it also created a bit of an image of a flag/pennant planted at the top of a hill, or a mountain. These subtle imagery hints were intended to give the impression of achievement, progress and growth – the very things these conferences promoted.

The Art Of Rebrand Logo sheet

The base colours had pretty much been established before, done on the fly as each new conference was created. When blended together though, the colours tended to clash – and with the upcoming design of a new hub site, these colours needed to work together. So when breaking out the conferences into colour schemes we came up with a brighter, complimentary colour system that worked together, and also had their own subset of complimentary colours within them for theme purposes.

Closeup of business man holding a blank business card

Website Rebrand and Redevelopment

Working in collaboration with Simplicate Interactive, the website was redesigned in a manner to focus on the growing content offerings of The Art Of productions, along with better ways to feature and promote events. If you want a quick refresher of what the old site looked like, you can see it here.

We crafted a much cleaner, responsive site that highlighted the events, while pushing a ton of related content that would encourage people to invest their attention into the full experience. We also wanted to ensure that the user’s ability to interact with the site was an easy clean experience, and that any piece of content could easily get them to the prime conversion point – buying a ticket to the conventions. The site was created to be modular, so that we could create mini-sites later on down the road for individual convention themes if that was decided to deploy that later.

Here are a few of the sample mockups.

The Art Of Main Landing Page Mockup

The Art Of Speaker Page Mockup

The Art Of Magazine Page Mockup

The Art Of Conference Page Mockup

The Art Of Event Promo Box Mockup

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