Powerbar was a short-lived project for me. While I didn’t do anything particularly flashy with this one, I am proud of it. What I am proud of is what happened behind the scenes. Powerbar in the US, which is the leader for Powerbar Canada, was changing visual direction. All we had to work with was a “in progress” digital copy of their new brand standards, being put together by their digital agency in the states.

This presented a distinct problem. The launch of this particular promotion would be happening well after the launch of these new brand standards, but the marketing department in the States was unable to send us files to work with to take our pieces up to the new visuals. The Account manager responsible for liaison with Nestlé had been unsuccessful thus far in tracking down visuals, and was too overwhelmed with work to be able to pursue the matter.

I asked for the contact information, and took the reigns, and three quick phone calls, a little internet research, and about a day later, I had everything I needed to work with. I never have a problem stepping outside the normal boundaries of my job description, but I always do so with as much permission asking and as cautiously as possible. While I’m extremely proud of myself (note my modesty) for accomplishing account services tasks, I am now aware that when I, as a creative, step into their world, it’s as a politely invited guest. There’s a longer story from another agency associated with that, that I might tell one day, but not here – because everyone was happy with the result for this project.

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