The Nutritionnaire

Seanna Thomas is a budding holistic nutritionist, super-mom and blogger. As her business was starting to grow and her online profile was beginning to rise, she recognized the need to brand herself properly and create a recognizable icon around her ‘Nutritionnaire’ name.

We discussed her current product line and goals and explored some of her competition. After establishing her visual likes and dislikes and looking at what her niche of the industry, I came up with a few options.

Literally, the first thing I came up with ‘knocked it out of the park’.

I used the fork/plant motif to indicate nutritional eating. I created a bold but slightly cartoonish / hand-made look – I felt like this reflected her strong personality, along with her fun approach to being a mom and nutritional guide aimed at healthy eating for kids and busy families. I wanted it to embrace the feeling of organic foods and wholesome cooking.

I’m continuing to work with her on guiding her through running her business and communications online. Nutritionnaire Brand Logo

Brand Collection

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