MHL Logo

The MHL, or Mississauga Hockey Leauge is one of my favorite clients to work with. Having grown up playing hockey for one of their organizations, the Lorne Park Hockey Association (of which I have also done work for), I always enjoy when they call on me to do some work for them. In 2007, They went looking to redesign their logo into something that was a little more hockey oriented, simple and badge-like.

The two influences I used on the design was the NHL brand and the current branding for the city of Mississauga. Using the shield from the NHL logo as a base, I tried to go bolder with their name, inserting an iconic hockey player. The rolling hills farm motif (curving nature) is taken from the Mississauga brand, which takes it’s roots from Mississauga’s roots as a farming community.



mhl_logopost_2 Logo

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