Method Creative Studios Site

Another V2 of a site I originally designed a number of years ago when I was much less experienced. There has been a ton of activity work-wise for The Method Creative Studios, and in recent months they have been nominated for some awards. With a lot of new potential traffic coming their way, it was decided pretty quickly that a new site needed to be added so that the breadth and depth of their work over the last few years could be displayed.

Method Creative Studios Site V2

With that in mind, we switched from a flash-based website over to a WordPress based website, for a few reasons:

  1. Because of the issue the old site had, we needed a method in which the content could be updated by Method themselves, easily and on the fly. My experience with WordPress as a Content Management system has been largely positive, and I felt that it was the most straightforward approach.
  2. In my experience, Flash (and now Flex) is a difficult monster to master. It’s become a beast of coding that I, personally haven’t kept up with. And because of that, it’s out of my scope now. Having seen the problems associated with flash content that isn’t done by professionals whose focus it is, it’s a pretty safe bet that if we’s stayed in that realm, it would have come out terribly.
  3. The flexibility of WordPress design/implementation means that when Method decides to update their site, there will be very little effort needed to change the site’s content, which was an overwhelming task for this project.

Method Creative Studios REMOCKUP

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