In Vino Veritas

Rosewood Estates Winery is a family owned and operated Winery in Beamsville, ON. As part of an education and marketing program they’ve helped students at Western University’s Law faculty create a wine tasting club: In Vino Veritas.

The club involves educational tastings, tours and instruction. Membership in the club offers a great deal of networking benefits to students, as well as improving knowledge and understanding around wines and wine culture.

I was approached about creating a logo for them. The process for creating this logo was relatively smooth. They provided me with a lot of general direction in regards to atmosphere and creative feel.

One of the features is that the small area representing the wine glass in the centre was built with specific complimentary colours to represent different kinds of wines. Along with seasonal colours, this offers great flexibility to the logo type. The core logo and branding is reliant on a ‘red wine’ colour scheme. However, I wanted to encourage flexibility with their colours to match thematic wine tasting events. By creating options that reflect other bottle types, they can present a versatile brand image.

In Vino Veritas Logo

In Vino Veritas Logo Sheet

In Vino Veritas Bottle

In Vino Veritas Logo Type

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