Hockeystick: The Private Financial Data Network

I was approached earlier in the year by an old colleague about taking on a project that he couldn’t take on for conflict reasons. That opened up a conversation with Hockeystick, a start-up in the Financial Services world. They filled a particular niche in the world of investing dealing with private business investment network data. While they had evolved their actual platform a great deal, their web presence was starting to feel a bit disjointed and dated.

Working with Simplicate Interactive, we developed a look and feel that better suited the kind of attitude and persona that they wanted to portray: A serious-minded, data-driven and tech oriented company that wasn’t just on the cusp of changing the world of investment – one that already had. Taking Bloomberg as inspiration in that direction, we turned the Hockeystick brand up a notch.

Hockeystick Mockups

Following that, we blended their Hubspot projects with their new brand, and helped with some of their print materials.

Business Cards

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