Heather & Pooch Dog Walking

Heather & Pooch is a Pet Care and Dog Walking service operated by Heather McCarty. From the decision to launch this service, the turn around in creating logo, branding, collateral materials and putting up the website was turned around in less than a couple of weeks.

Heather & Pooch Logo Working

Heather & Pooch Website

One of the primary concerns with launching this service in a field that already has dozens of competitors in the city – from small, similarly owner/operator businesses to larger companies – was utilizing free and available technologies to help set Heather & Pooch apart quickly. One of the key, but subtle technologies employed was linking a Twitter account, a Foursquare account and the Facebook page with the site to provide an easily accessible way for her clients to track when and where their dogs were walked or visited.

Heather & Pooch Business Cards

Being that initial advertising marketing would have to be done cheaply and at street-level, using a traditional paste-to-the-lamppost flyer campaign seemed to make the most sense. We did two things to set H&P flyers apart from the usual community noise. The first thing was going larger than the average community flyer – most people tend to stick with a standard 8.5″ x 11″ format, speculatively because that’s what their home printer can handle. We went to an 11″ x 17″ format for only a few extra dollars. The second addition, along with the usual cut tabs at the bottom with contact information were two QR codes created from an online generator for free. Being that the target is a higher-end clientele, and is most likely carrying some form of smartphone, I thought it was prudent to give them an easy and convenient way to call or visit the website. Simple, but so far it’s proving effective.

Heather & Pooch Poster

Already comments have flooded in from friends, family and a few industry professionals about the level of quality of everything from the logo to the website. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Heather & Pooch Logo Working

The aspect I’m most proud of is the turn around time on the website – from mockup to actually live, the time was less than 48 hours to fully functional and launched. While there is some content still to be filled out, Heather is already actively using the site and interacting with clients.

Heather & Pooch Feature

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