Giggly Pig Creations Logo

Giggly Pig Creations is the work of an avid seamstress and crafter in Toronto, Ontario. She makes custom homemade creations for all occasions. From dog bowties to custom party favours, one-of-a-kind clothing items, she does it all. I don’t know much of the story behind the name, but it’s pretty evocative on it’s own.

I don’t often show my concept work with logo design projects. This was the first time that my first three concepts were all equally great in my view. I honestly would have been happy no matter what she picked. More often than not, I create something I think the client wants, something I think meets their expectations but evolves them, and then I try and offer something that interprets asks pretty heavily. In this case, I had some pretty clear ideas of what I was going to offer, and the client didn’t have a lot of requirements.

Giggly Pig Concepts

Giggly Pig concepts_1

Giggly Pig Final

Giggly Pig logo_mockup2

Giggly Pig logo_mockup1

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