Froster’s Stick it Out There!

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Working with one of the best AD partners I’ve ever had the pleasure of, Megan Craig-Wiens and I toiled long and hard on a four concept pitch for the newest Froster campaign. The brand itself has surged forward in recognition with the target audience (Teens, 12-18, with a focus on males) with the Bloody Zit, Whack, and WTF campaigns. However, with new budgetary concerns and a new team heading the business, a more family focus was sought after some pretty hostile backlashes with those (award winning) campaigns.

We tried a range of concepts, from the safest, to some things that were a much more palatable version of things in the same vein as the previous campaigns, hoping that they’d see some of the visuals linking the idea, but bringing the tone down slightly to slope down into a more comfortable zone without breaking stride with their previous pushes to put the brand ahead of Slushees.

While all the concepts were conceived as a group, Megan was the creator of the original visuals for this particular concept. This was considered our ‘safest’ bid. Once the ball was rolling forward with this “Stick it Out There!” concept, I was tasked with taking the visuals, and rolling them out to a complete in-store, including visual pieces that would bracket the two flights, and spin-off promotions. Below is a sampling of the final work.

I’m pretty happy with where this campaign went, and working with Mac’s was a lot of fun. As far as clients go, they’re staffed with some pretty great people who are great about my off-colour sense of humor. Thanks for making it a great experience.

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