Fleecy 2x

The Fleecy 2x program was a fascinating venture. WalMart’s initiative into greener product offerings requested that all of the detergent brands reduce packaging and size, to reduce waste. As we’re all now familiar with the new concentrated brands of our favorite washing detergents, I had the pleasure of working on Fleecy.

While the major brands like Tide (and their many sub brands) were using iconography that indicated that smaller bottles were contained within the larger bottles through the use of methods like Russian Dolls, Zippers and peels, Fleecy wanted to go another route (The ‘Russian Doll’ concept was one we presented, and were relieved it wasn’t selected when we saw the Tide launch). Our approach was one of a two-fold look. The bottle graphics were centered around ‘shrinking’ (hence, concentrating). Using the silhouette of the old bottle, we placed the new bottle floating above it. The second layer was directly interacting the environmental benefit by adding graphics that complimented the brands colors, but gave the sense of a ‘oneness’ with nature. We also added butterfly icons throughout the work, to indicated change.

Fleecy was worried about this change, as market research suggested that their loyalty customers would be reluctant to move over to the new concentrated formats. So, the launch was divided up into two phases. Phase one involved letting people know the change was coming, and tacking on a sample of the new formulation onto an old bottle so that consumers could try the new formulation when purchasing the one they were comfortable. The look and feel was carried through into phase 2, which added coupons and case graphics to indicate that the change had arrived.

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