Final Fantasy Contest

Rush Job!

Last week a rush job came in from one of my favorite clients Blind Ferret Entertainment. The job details were pretty simple – they needed a quick set of layouts done for a contest mini-site that allowed users to enter a caption for the lead character of the new Final Fantasy Game, Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

Although most of the graphics were already provided, I got to do some interesting things with CSS layouts and the form itself. There’s not a a whole lot to say about it, per se.

Here’s some of the layouts I created for them:

Look Based on Website – Landing Page, Error Page, Terms of Service Page

Look Based on Framed Art – Landing Page, Error Page, Terms of Service Page

After making some revisions to the CSS (those of you in IE, I know it looks a little messed up. That’s what you get for using a Microsoft Browser), and a few element changes and getting the prizing in there, this is the final version before being processed and programmed by the ever-talented Ryan McCahan.

Final (Non Working Mockups) – Landing Page, Error Page, Terms of Service Page, Submission Success

Some last minute changes (after the site went live) Final 2.0 (Non Working Mockup) – Landing Page

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