ECOlogical represented a shift in thinking for a company that traditionally creates products that weren’t considered environmentally friendly. With the launch of a new set of cleaning products geared around the consumers shift towards green-friendly cleaning products. Clorox®, launching GreenWorks® decided to take the opportunity to group some recent product launches within their brand portfolio, along with other brands that fit the bill, and group them into a large information package.

While GreenWorks® represented a straight set of new formulations intended to be clean and friendly, Clorox wanted to remind people that they’ve been thinking this way for quite some time. With a recent launch of new biodegradable garbage bags from category leader Glad®, the strong enviornmental messages behind the purification powers of Brita® without the waste of plastic bottles, and the apparently interesting break down of bleach, Clorox launched the ECOlogical group of products.

While a lot of the work went towards the trade shows for major retailers, a small information package was included near the products featured in store, along with a coupon to attract interest. This informative piece was deemed by a reputable business marketing as a benchmark for Green Marketing.

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