Comfort Food Festival

At one point, The Gentlemen’s Expo was contemplating expanding their event repertoire into an outdoor food festival featuring ‘Comfort Food’. We went through a few cycles of the branding process before the project was ultimately abandoned. I think a lot of these options were really strong. I don’t usually have trouble picking a favourite, and I don’t usually create more than three options when I run through a typical branding process. This process just had a lot of avenues I needed to explore.

I had a lot of fun with this, especially the Bread Chair. There was a whole idea around doing furniture made out of different ‘comfort foods’, and there would be a few iconic pieces that would live as the core logo, while the brand could flex out into different food types, like sweets, carbs, healthy alternatives, etc.

We had started narrowing in on the Chalkboard Design as the branding when the project was abandoned. The Cookie Heart would have made for a fantastic icon, and using chalk art would have really given it a hand-made feel that I think most people look for when it comes to food.

Comfort Food Festival Logo Options

Comfort Food Festival Logo

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