Camp Can-Aqua Website

After the passing of Louis Gyori, the fate of Camp Can-Aqua had become uncertain. I had worked there many summers, and it held a special place in my heart. Many alumni came together to try and help the camp remain open, with one of my old colleagues taking over as Director. Elliot Woolner and I banded together and threw together a new website to help boost registrations for the upcoming summer. The website itself hadn’t been updated in over a decade – Louis was reticent to use technology, and relied mostly on his salesmanship, word of mouth and reputation to fill beds every summer.

Without Louis though, it was felt that a stronger online presence was needed to boost numbers and reinvigorate the camp for the future.

Camp Can-Aqua Website

Camp Can-Aqua Website Before & After

Camp Can-Aqua Site Mockup

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