Bow Wow Walkers Branding

I noticed recently that some dog walking colleagues of mine hadn’t really updated their web presence in a long time. I was itching to try out Squarespace after hearing so much about them all over the internet. One of my favourite podcasts, Reply All was recently sponsored by them.

I sat down at my desk and started working away. In a couple of days I threw together a few logo options, and a temporary website and surprised them with it – pro bono. They loved the logo and the website, and immediately switched all of their branding over. I had literally done no client interaction before hand, and just used available content on their existing media.

Bow Wow Branding Sheet

Bow Wow Dog Walking Logo

Bow Wow Dog Walking Site Mockup

Bow Wow Dog Walking Site Mockup

I’m really impressed with squarespace as a platform. Templates are easy to use and modify – I switched Heather & Pooch over immediately and was able to mimic the old website design near flawlessly (and made it a lot better) with just a little bit of custom CSS. I highly recommend squarespace for small businesses that just need a quick and easy website with minimal content.

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