The 4th Wall

A few months ago, my ‘Hetero Life-Mate’ and co-conspirator on No Reason Comics, Jeff “Lou” Moss was offered a dream job. That job? Partially owning and running his very own comic store – titled The 4th Wall. It was also the dream of the other owner, Ryan Sohmer, the creative force behind Blind Ferret Entertainment, Least I Could Do and Looking for Group.

It wasn’t long before a few ‘test’ logos came across my email, and I scratched my head. While the designs were clean, and pretty well done, I didn’t think that it reflected what I knew my compatriots idea of comics was. So, I struck forth, and spent a few hours ‘doodling’ out few new options for Moss and Sohmer to consider, hoping it might win me some new business. And it did. They immediately glued to one of the concepts, and after I spent a few hours cleaning it up to production format. The next few weeks were a whirlwind of different little signage concepts for the store. What came about was a meshing, I think, of the concepts that Sohmer had laid out for the store: “An Apple Store meets Comic Store”.

Using iconographic silhouettes of benchmark superheroes, I tried to create clean visuals that were slightly askew, something that felt as clean as Apple’s designs, but retained that cluttered and flamboyant announcement style that is particular to a golden age of comics.

I proudly present the brand, and some of the store signage for ‘The 4th Wall’.

4th Wall Newspaper Ad

4th Wall Storefront Layout

4th Wall In Store Poster

Before launch, I was tasked with not only the brand, but the graphics for the exterior windows, flyers and ads, and some business cards. On top of that, we also did up a Landing Page (archived to my own site).

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