Will Rand, a Human Fighter Character Drawing

For this request for characters, the character drawing board was running a monthly theme contest – it was a ‘Northern Theme‘. I figured why not support the thread by theming my own request. I’d have the owners of the characters submit the work.

One of the best ones I got was Will Rand. The guy just seemed to have a rough go. You’ll see what I mean in the description. I think that’s what I liked most about this entry. He’s just had this really bad string of luck, but not only does he keep surviving,, but he keeps on going.

Will Rand the Human Fighter Description

Black male human, fighter, DnD 5e

Rugby player build, 43 years, 5’11”, has blank glass eye in left socket, short black hair and longish full beard. Wears a yellow surcoat over chain mail, with a black bear design on the front. Carries a longsword that tapers sharply, a viking-type shield, also yellow, and a handaxe. Wears a fur/leather winter coat over all his gear.

I’d appreciate it if you could give the drawing a melancholic or “depressing” tone – I assume that’s what you meant by “tone”.

Name is Will Rand, a 6th level fighter, a mercenary currently under contract with a powerful city-state in the north.

Will suffers from depression, as a result of being desensitised to the violence he experiences every day. The only thing that keeps him going is the mission. While not engaged in any activity, Will typically slumps into a deep melancholy, blowing the occasional note on his flute. However, his condition is improving due to his new-found friends.

A recent event could be the time that Will arrived too late to the fight his friends were engaged in, and found them unconscious/heavily wounded. Standing over them were eleven thugs, heavily armed. He could’ve escaped then and there, but decided to fight for his friends. He lost, and was beaten half to death for his efforts.

Will Rand Human Fighter

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