The Warforged Warlord

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone – I play Dungeons & Dragons. This is my first full character – The Warforged Warlord.

Last summer, I was invited by an old friend to join his D&D game. It was a purely off-handed comment that inspired the invite, and I’m glad it happened. Despite the stigma’s surrounding the game, it’s an incredibly fun way to spend a Sunday evening, without gambling your money away, which is a sentiment that has borne the motto – “It’s Poker Night for Nerds.” I really enjoyed playing this character. The unfortunate thing about him was, in order to set up his entrance into the game, I was given another character that was intended to die in the first encounter. And it turned out that while the Warforged was fun to play, I think my group liked the way I played my starter character better. He was a goofy hilarious halfling.

Warforged Warlord Feature

Currently, I’m playing a living construct Warlord Warforged. Because I have to, I drew up a sketch of what I think my character looks like. Here’s the work as it progressed:

One thought on “The Warforged Warlord

  1. Awesome look, and I really like the centurion-like crest. You also did a good job with the sinewy “skin” of the warforged. I really like it.

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