Ursine Monk Character Drawing

Quick Character Sketch for /u/twicebakedtater. I kind of love the idea that there’s a bear-race for D&D. ‘Ursine’ seems to be a weird word to relate to that, but I’m guessing it has to do with the latin zoology family or genus or something. Either way, the idea of an Ursine Monk seems pretty fun, and I hope that I get the opportunity to play that kind of character. There’s also these Rabbit ninja types I came across when building a rogue character that looked like it’d be pretty fun. That’s what I love about D&D – it’s just such a crazy world you can make to play in.

Ursine Monk Description:

  • Name: Tamachi Alukai
  • Occupation: Monk – Secret Order who works for goverment.
  • Notable Features: Tall, blue eyes, dark brown hair with cream-colored patches around face. ( Like a Spectacled Bear )
  • Character’s Race: Ursine (Bi-pedal bear people)
  • Character’s Equipment: Spear (Qiang Variant), Darts (Throwing spikes), Dark red robe with hood.
  • Character’s backstory: Youngest sibling in the ruling family of Ursine government. Raised in a secret sect of monks whose purpose is to serve the government in any way necessary, be it assassinations, subterfuge, or the like.

Ursine Monk

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