Feast of Gordo the Gobling

Gordo FullI’ve been working with an extraordinarily talented poet working under the pseudonym Bertie Moons to help him put together materials for a children’s book of sorts. The Feast of Gordo the Gobling is one of the large pieces I’ve created, and one of my favourites so far. The poem was influenced by a sketch I did of a little guy rubbing his belly while out at brunch, which became Gordo. This image is an attempt to create all of the creatures and foods that Bertie Moons created in his poem.

Gar Gum Gobbleay! Yub Mub so I say!
A feast! All the food I adore!
I’ve ten scaly snorks, a plump-breast peckoon,
I’ve sweet-smelling globewurts galore!

There’s mud juice to dip, my twiglings of yum,
And maggies and squiggles – all mine!
I’ll spread them all down, to rest on my tum,
And pick ‘em off one at a time.

The paunch of a king! Well fatted with grub,
It sits like a fabulous pea,
But now that I look, the food that I have,
Should not really fit here on me!

Perhaps, one snork, enrobed in a leaf,
And lay there a curly-toed louse,
I guess, it’s best, to eat, less –
I’ll eat just what fits in my mouth!

You can find Bertie Moons here.

The Feast of Gordo The Gobling

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