Sunset District

Sunset District is a commissioned artwork. After having seen Neon Peel, the patron inquired about purchasing it. Although at first I was interested in selling, I discovered that I wasn’t quite ready to part with Neon Peel just as yet. In turn, he asked if I’d paint him something else, to which I readily agreed.

Sunset District is a continuance on the ideas and dilemmas I was exploring with Neon Peel. I’ve been fascinated with the juxtaposition between the functions and beauty of the human body, and that of the systems and structures of the metropolis. Where Neon Peel was more of an expression of structure, and Nouns” was an exploration of comparison, Sunset District was a developing story of beauty.

In these pieces, the focus is on aspects of form, mainly focused on that of the feminine form, as it is generally considered to be the more pleasing of the human shapes. It’s roughly layered over a cityscape, a view of the metropolis that is largely used as a ‘beauty image’ of any major centre. Though I feel this piece focuses to heavily on the human form, and doesn’t give enough voice to that of the city, I was generally pleased with the outcome, as was the patron.

It currently resides in his private residence.


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