Monster Monday: Sky Robot Monster

Levi, who’s not quite 3 yet, was the first one to submit an idea for a Monster. I’m hoping to make this an ongoing series of experiments with drawing – giving myself the theme of interpreting people’s ideas for monsters, aliens and robots gives me a little spark of inspiration to work with so I can focus on trying out different mediums, approaches and styles. I really like the idea of starting out with using the ideations of kids for these monsters and robots, because I think it challenges me on a couple of different levels.

Kids are completely unbounded of reality. Their imaginations aren’t limited by experience and aren’t heavily influenced by outside factors. The connections they make are often completely non-sequiter, and that makes for some pretty wild ideas. I think getting to peer into their ideas about monsters will help to loosen up my own creativity blocks and allow me to just kind of explore with unfettered. Or less fettered.

Second, because kids generally tend to work much more… loosely, they only tend to provide a rough framework of what their idea is. This almost like a reverse colouring book – instead of being provided with lines to fill in, I’m being provided with lines to fill around. If you’ve got some kid drawings laying around, send me a tweet or connect with me on facebook!

Here’s his wonderful drawing:

Levi's Sky Robot Monster

This is the original Drawing I was sent

Here’s what he had to say:

What’s you’re monsters name?

“Robot monster”

Where does he live?

“In the sky”.

What does he do?

“Steps on the cars”

What does he eat?

“Grapes, strawberries & eyeballs”.


Process Step 1 of Sky Robot Monster

Inserting the Drawing into the Canvas

Process Step 2 of Sky Robot Monster

Start outlining what I see, quick broad strokes

Process Step 3 of Sky Robot Monster

Embellish, iron out some details

Process Step 4 of Sky Robot Monster


Final Drawing of Sky Robot Monster


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