Samosa is the online moniker of a blogger I read, and a friend that I attended University with. She’s an incredibly vibrant writer and a surprising poet. She has a unique perspective on the world, that I can both relate to but I also find surprising. Her perspective is one that is that of an immigrant, a woman caught between two worlds – someone who struggles with her identity in between two value systems that are not easily resolved to one another. In getting to know her, I’ve gotten to peer into that world a little bit, and in reading her writing I’ve been gaining a new appreciation for how different our experiences can be. Not just me and her, but everyone. We all have our own stories. Some of them have common milestones, or maybe a similar tone. It’s just strange to look out into the world and think that there are billions of individual stories out there – some untold, some threaded together, some short, and others long – but all of them different.

While I was experiencing some downtime at work, I started undertaking this art piece, which I think turned out remarkably well. It’s almost done entirely in Illustrator, with final touches to colour and light in Photoshop.

You can read her blog here. It’s password protected.

Samosa Portrait

One thought on “Samosa

  1. Oh my! I didn’t expect to find this when I saw the link on my blogstats. You my dear, are an incredibly talented artist and have a big heart to boot! And I feel rather, how should I say, humbled. Thanks.

    May the force always be with you.


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