Old Half-Elf Swordsman Character Drawing

This was just fulfilling an LFA (looking for artist) request in /r/characterdrawing. I think I was just bored and looking for something to draw. This was just a quick sketch with a little bit of texture, and I was trying something a little more cartoony with my style. So, I picked this nameless Half-Elf Swordsman.

Old Half-Elf Swordsman Description

Basically the title, looking for a half-elf swordsman with a bow on his back. His left leg was damaged so he has a limp if that can be portrayed somehow. If you wish to add color he has a tannish pale weathered complexion and weathered ash brown hair. The hair itself is just a wild look and short.

Older Half-Elf Swordsman

Older Half-Elf Swordsman

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