Oghiel the Warforged Psion

With my thirst for Dragonborn recently slaked, for my second call for characters I decided to appeal to my other racial love: The warforged. I put the call out on reddit for submissions and I got a bunch of really great ones. The winner for this week was Oghiel, a Warforged Psion.

Warforged Psion Description

  • Name: Oghiel
  • Race: Warforged
  • Class: Level 17 Psion
  • Edition: Heavily customized 4e

Appearance: Crystal-ridden from head-to-toe, Oghiel stands out even among his Warforged peers. Created from pure mithral, his chassis has a mirror-like sheen. Gold trim runs along his arms, legs, chestplate, as well as up the sides of his head. What most distinguishes Oghiel, however, is the assortment of light green crystals embedded in his shoulders, arms, chest, back, and head. These jagged structures help him focus his profound psionic energy. Above his head float four Ioun stones which further augment his abilities. The four stones, green, red, blue, and purple, are utilized to generate powerful force-fields that prevent his foes from harming him, as well as allow him to channel awesome psychic energy to devastating effect. He carries no weapon. He has no need for one. Draped across his body are simple clergy robes, white, purple, and gold in color. His eyes glow a dim blue, unless he’s actively engaged in his singular purpose: Finding that which was stolen from him. Backstory:

Oghiel’s story begins a thousand years ago, with a man named Toulon. Toulon was a man of no great importance. A researcher by day and an inventor by night, his life was saturated with mediocrity. However, while visiting a nearby town to investigate a mysterious white cube structure, he became trapped inside. He wandered for what felt like an eternity as his sanity atrophied away. Eventually, he came across a strand band of adventurers. By this point, he was no longer in a cognitive state to properly express the sentiment, “Help, I’ve been trapped in this cube for as long as I can remember, please save me,” yet they got the gist of his predicament based on his ragged clothes and scraggly beard. His new-found friends took him with them, and even let him meet a fancy time wizard who built the cube. The time wizard took a shining to him, and granted him a special gift before he left: From that point onward, Toulon was immortal.

His new friends figured out a way to escape the cube and took him back to his own time. However, after the first few hundred years passed, he really started to miss his friends. So he waited. And he waited. And he waited. And eventually, after a thousand years, they exited the cube too. He went on to help his new friends save the world from an abomination that sought to tear the universe in half, but that’s not really important right now. What is important is that, after a time, his friends started to die. They weren’t immortal like him. This made Toulon very sad, and it was the start of a series of incredibly bad decisions.

Toulon was still a researcher and an inventor, despite the fact that his mind was addled with insanity. He knew he couldn’t make his friends immortal like him, but maybe he could find a way to save their memories. If he could capture the aspects that made his friends who they were, he could play with them for eternity. He spent years pouring over every lead he could find, both magical and mundane. He discovered that Ioun stones vibrated at the exact resonance of human thought, which he figured he could use to transmit memories from his friends’ fragile, fleshy bodies to immortal bodies made of steel and stone instead. However, he had a massive problem: There was no way to store that much information long enough to transmit an entire person from one body to the next. And, sadly, over the course of his research, he ran out of time. His best friend died. He had failed.

Overcome by despair, Toulon fled his home. He found a quiet place in the woods and decided he wouldn’t make any more friends. But eventually he grew lonely. He knew there had to be a way to save his friends. If he could find a way to put their minds inside a new body, he could still save the friends he had left. Eventually, he came across a breakthrough. One artificial mind didn’t have the capacity to store an entire person, but if he used a collection of such structures, such as storage crystals, he could possibly use the Ioun stones to transmit an entire person. He decided to test his theory with a Warforged. Specifically, a Warforged named Isaac.

He build Isaac to be a blank slate. In order to test his theory, he needed minds. Minds that didn’t mind losing their bodies if the test didn’t go well. However, he knew that imputing too many minds into his fragile Warforged child could misshape him forever, so he explicitly used minds of kind, benevolent beings. Mostly clergy. He solicited older priests and religious individuals that were not long for the world anyway, and offered them a chance to participate. Many were willing, as if they died, the worst that would happen would be a reunion with their gods.

The preliminary experiments were a success, and the capacity of the crystals were far greater than Toulon had imagined. As Toulon transferred people into Isaac, he seemed to learn and take on their traits. However, it was not clear how much of their personality was being transmitted. It became clear as time passed that the experiment was not a complete success.

Over the weeks, Isaac grew unhinged. He lashed out randomly at Toulon, and told him that his work was a sin against the gods. He called him a blasphemer, and chastised him for betraying the will of his creators. He quoted long, rambling passages that Toulon took for scripture. After one particularly violent outburst, Toulon confined Isaac to his quarters, unaware of how else to handle his creation. That night, Isaac escaped, taking the Ioun stones with him.

Because of the immense power of the Ioun stones, Toulon was unable to scry Isaac to find him. Isaac journeyed north, to the cold, desolate place that Warforged called home. It was the only place in the world that free Warforged could congregate without risking re-enslavement. Here, he learned of his people’s plight. He learned how Warforged were treated as mere golems by mages and noblemen. He learned how they were forced to risk their lives to save fleshy, fragile humans. He learned how cruel people could be, and he found little comfort in his religion.

One fitful night, during his prayers, he lashed out at the gods. He asked why his people had been so betrayed, while the mortals were allowed to prosper despite their flaws. At the crescendo of his outrage, an angel appeared, and stayed his fury. The angel told him that he had been chosen by the gods for a greater purpose. The gods wanted to take the world back from the primal spirits, and they needed his help. He agreed, on the condition that the gods would work to improve the life of his people. He wanted his brethren to no longer kowtow to what he viewed as inferior beings. The angel agreed, and from that point, Isaac was given the name Oghiel, and he was a member of the Qliphoth.

The Qliphoth’s plan was long and complex, but at its core was a ritual requiring the use of four children who were exposed to particular places in the world. However, the children were stolen, and it became Oghiel’s sole task to find the people that stole the children and eliminate them. Oghiel was chosen for this task due to his unique ability to trace memories. By taking hold of a person, he can follow their memories to learn anything they’ve ever experienced. Already bested twice by those who had wronged the Qliphoth, he will track them to the ends of the world and beyond, in order to create a more perfect world for the gods. And his people.

Warforged Psion

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