Nouns was born out of my New Media classes at York University. In it, we were encouraged to explore our artworks using nothing but new digital medias – interactive, photo manipulations, and video. There was a secondary component to this entitled Nouns II done in flash.

I have been using my work to explore comparisons between the human body, and urban centres. Here, I contrasted systems by montaging them into systemic images, each focusing on a major system of the body: Cardiovascular, Digestive, Nervous and Structural.

On average, a painting could take me up to a few days to complete. Because the process I use for painting requires a lot of layering of watered down paints, the drying time usually means I spend anywhere between 12 to 36 hours just laying down the base coats of paint. With this work, I expected that it wouldn’t take as much time as it did, considering it was digital. It took me nearly 120 hours to complete though, and that includes the image searching I did. Each piece consists of hundreds of images created or scoured from the internet, using only images I could find in the public domain, or photos that I took myself. I then spent hours labouring over each image, fitting it together into a coherent puzzle.

This piece took two awards during the Gallery segment of a University Film Festival called Flipside. Both the audience and judges selected this piece as “The Most Outstanding Photo-based Work.”

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