Neon Peel

Neon Peel was my final painting project at York University.

I’ve been experimenting both with the style I’ve been working towards and with the same kind of concept that runs through most of my work. I’ve done the whole ‘fill a page with bullshit’ artist statement, but the crux of it is that I’ve been using my work to draw comparisons between the human body and city infrastructure. Something about how a city becomes an almost living, breathing thing with it’s own personality fascinates me. I think there’s something beautiful about how a city becomes it’s own being, inhabited by millions of other beings that all contribute to how it works (or doesn’t). And yet, when viewed up close, it can be unsettling, seeing all of the little things that are disgusting work together. The story of how all these disparate things work together – sometimes well, sometimes not is an intriguing story for me to try and translate.

While in my photo-based works I’ve been collaging literal imagery together to create a visual cacaphony, in my painting I’ve been trying to blend the imagery into something a little more harmonious. Something that feels a little more blended. I’ve been trying to tell that story in color and lines. And I wanted to illustrate that story by breaking the visuals into multiple panels, almost like a graphic novel.

Neon Peel currently resides in my collection, and is still one of my favourite pieces.

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