Monster Monday: The Jenna Monster

If you know Jenna the way I know Jenna, then this monster totally makes sense as soon as you see it. Jenna is an outgoing little monster herself. Her monster didn’t really have a name, as she just decided it was “Jenna’s Monster”. And it makes sense. This is, completely a monster that would only belong to Jenna. It is a one of a kind. She’s 3. I wasn’t really going to press her to name it. Though, I think going forward, if I don’t get a name for the monster, I might give a sneak peek on my FB page and let the audience name it.

The Jenna Monster Original

The original drawing by Jenna, age 3

It took me no time at all to see Jenna’s monster here. If it helps, here’s the description she gave me:

  • Eats apples
  • Likes to go to the science centre in his 3 legs.
  • Is a mama monster

The Jenna Monster Redrawn

The Jenna Monster

I wasn’t really sure how to incorporate the ‘mama monster’ part without a whole lotta drawing that would have cluttered it up. I really just wanted to focus on the one monster. I looked for the face that seemed to be in the lower quadrant, assumed the green lines were hair, and there’s a few mark’s to indicate the legs. Do you think I captured it?

The Jenna Monster comparison

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