Monster Monday: Big Eyeball Monster

Crushing Cars! Freeze Rays! Bad Guys! Bouncy Ball Guns! And curling up with a good book? It’s the Big Eyeball Monster by Alina! Alina is 6 – and her monster is a good monster. He fights bad guys. And when he’s not fighting bad guys, he loves to read. Apparently only having one eyeball means he doesn’t have 20/20 vision, and he needs glasses… glass, gla, oculus.. a spectacle to help him see the words.

Alina had a lot to say and show about Big Eyeball. He’s got friends in different colours, he lives in a cave. Here, let me show you the original artwork and the description:

Big Eyeball Original and Description

Big Eyeball by Alina Original

Big Eyeball Description

Wow. That’s a ton of detail about this monsters a’doings and a’going ons. Let’s break that down:

  • Name of Creature: “Big Eyeball”
  • Is a big green creature with a big eyeball
  • Fights bad guys
  • Can freeze people
  • can crush cars
  • Likes having adventures in creepy and haunted places
  • glasses are to help him read his book
  • his friends are other colours of creepy eyeballs
  • his gun shoots bouncy-balls
  • lives in a dark cave

I know for sure that’s at least the second monster that has the car crushing ability specifically mentioned – it might be the third. I think that’s funny that crushing cars is a benchmark of strength/terror for kids. Now, with this one, I wanted to be really careful that I wasn’t just drawing a legless Mike from Monsters Inc. The temptation to go a route that would look similar to him – so I decided to enlarge that eyeball to epic proportions and really let him earn that name. I wanted to exaggerate the eye like features, so I made the eyelashes and ducts pretty prominent.

Also, I was thinking I’d start trying to do more action-y poses with some of the monsters, but for this one, the thing that sticks out for me is the reading. I thought that was apropos of a giant eyeball monster. So, without further ado, here, sitting in his comfy chair reading his book is Big Eyeball Monster:

Big Eyeball Drawing

Big Eyeball by Alina

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