Monster Monday: Fluey

This is Fluey. Or maybe it’s a Fluey. I feel like this is the kind of gentle monster that moves in herds, and I’d like to think of the Fluey as a species of monster. Large, hairy creatures, with vestigial wings, and a large tail. These come from the adorable mind of Jax. He’s four, and he painted his monster for me.

The Original Fluey Monster

As you can see, this is quite the piece of art. There’s a lot more going on here than in my drawing – I pared mine down to the essentials. Here’s what the story is behind Fluey:

“This monster bumped into the apple tree and an apple fell on him. Can you believe it?!

“Purple splotch floating by itself is a bomb, for hitting the apple tree. Purple splotch that looks like it is the monster’s tail. The other purple splotch is where the bomb comes out of. The red splotch on the side of the monster is another tail and the little red splotches on the bottom are his feet. His name is Fluey.”

I decided to avoid the whole ‘bomb’ issue here, and went with wings, cause that’s what I saw. I assumed based on all the info that Fluey is another apple-loving monster – So he uses his big tail to wack the apple trees to knock down many apples at the same time. It becomes lumpy and hard after years of wacking apple trees, which is why it’s so bulbous.

The Final Fluey Drawing

The Side-by-Side Fluey Comparison

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