Jolly the Warforged Artificer

Like before, I couldn’t do just one. The good news is, I had a whole bevy of Warforged choices. As crazy fun as Oghiel was to do, there were some other really creative characters. Jolly was especially interesting, because he had some pretty creative uses of glue and solvent, to humorous effect. One of the little known things outside of D&D circles, is one of the best things about D&D is the funny shit that happens.

Jolly the Warforged Artificer Description

Jolly, the Warforged Artificer. Bought by a band of mercenaries, his first job was to secure a shipment of Rust Monster Extract, but bandits struck and stole it. With his new party, he stole it back but instead of bringing it to their employers, his new found friends wanted to sell it to the Black Market. With the new found wealth, they opened up “Jolly Goods” the alchemy shop and began strong arming nearby alchemy shops and taking over the market. Jolly, who never smiles, became the face for the company.

He wears light, black leather armor and has a cloak of endless pockets. He’s 6’1″ and weighs near 300 pounds. His weapon comes in the form of a scimitar but he prefers his clockroaches (clockwork beetle swarm) and his alchemical weapons for battle, buffing his allies while hindering his opponents.

Edit: Some fun encounters include him using everlasting glue to stick a bandit to the floor, leaving him behind with some universal solvent right out of reach.

An alchemist refused to be strong armed, so the group tied him naked to a tree, making him forget the past few minutes with an amnesia spell, and smothered him in honey.

When pirates decided to attack one of their shops, the group boarded their airship to take revenge. He befriended the air elemental bound to the ship, glued his teammates down, and got the elemental to flip the ship to drop the pirates hundreds of feet. Then used universal solvent to free his friends and take possession of the ship.

Warforged Artificer

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