Idea Factory: Tales of the Slayer

So, I was tweeting with Katherine Curtis a few days ago, and I struck upon an idea that I kind of felt like I needed to flesh out a little bit. We were talking about ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, and the idea of a reboot. There were some rumours last year that the rights had been purchased by Warner Bros. and that a reboot movie was being planned. The internet was in an outrage because Joss Whedon wasn’t going to be involved in it.

Joss’s comments about it kind of reflect my own thinking when it comes to this culture of ‘rebooting’ old media properties for a new generation. I mean, I want the kids today to enjoy the things I did, but they’re going to enjoy it their way, and their own things. What I think is unique about the Buffy property is that you don’t have to go back to the same well and drain it. There was already one spin-off from that series, and there was another one planned. But there’s a huge missed opportunity with the kind of property that Buffy is:

Slayers are a lineage.

There has, according to legend, been hundreds of slayers over the centuries. And a whole council of ‘Watchers’ to watch over them. I want those stories. Here’s the elevator pitch: short-run mini-series seasons (a Sherlock-esque 3 2-hour episode series or a 4-6 1 hour episode series) that each deal with a historical slayer. All told through the perspective of the Watchers, narrated and connected by Rupert Giles who is collecting a Chronicle of the Slayers.


Instead of just going over the same old territory and giving the 90’s characters a makeover for 20+ years later, I’d love to see a series that digs into the past lives of the Slayer. Give me a Slayer in Feudal Japan or in China during the building of the Great Wall. Let’s see a Slayer in 1970’s London. Let’s check out a Slayer in the late 1800’s travelling the European countryside hunting Werewolves. Let’s do a Slayer in the middle east during the dark ages fighting Jinn. There’s ENDLESS possibilities, including doing a series on the first Slayer. And we can take a look at the kinds of struggles that women endured in the past, while still having to kick demon ass.

That means new Watchers too. Give me a drunk Irishman who’s wise but not particularly knowledgable, and farms out the training to other teachers. Give me a stodgy Brit in the Orient trying to make his way while his Slayer excels, seemingly without his guidance. Give me a glimpse into the Council and see how that works.

And if it was really smart, maybe it could play out to a much larger arc that connects all the Slayers and culminates in a revamped Buffy season.

But the key would be to bring back Anthony Steward Head. He would narrate the openings, and connect each story. He’d make it legit.

A couple of other thoughts:

– The original theme music could be covered by period instruments (like a full orchestra version for one happening in Western Europe, or a Funk version for 70’s London).

– Not every series needs Vampires. The Slayer fights demons and the supernatural of all kinds, so each location/area would have a different significant and major event occurring that the slayer has to stop. Werewolves in London. A ghostly horde in Japan. A wandering vampire hunt in Europe that ends in doing battle with a coven.

– I think each series should end with that Slayer’s death (or implied death).

– I think this would be a great opportunity for actresses that aren’t blonde and white to get a crack at the Slayer role.

So, I got caught up in thinking about this, I decided to make some fake teaser posters. I chose to fly under the Netflix banner because right now almost all of my favourite TV shows are on/from Netflix.






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