Gigul the Half-Orc Fire Wizard Character Drawing

I’ve started drawing characters from /r/characterdrawing on reddit. I wanted to try something a little different – instead of trolling through the most recent posts, I kind of wanted to create a place where I could attract people who hadn’t gotten characters they really wanted drawn, done. It also meant that by setting some parameters, I could easily find characters I wanted to draw – especially if I wanted to draw something specific. I didn’t set a lot of guidelines for this post, and I got a lot of great responses. I ended up selecting Gigul, the Half-Orc Fire Wizard.

Half-Orc Fire Wizard Description

Gigul is a Half-Orc Wizard who specializes in fire magic. He’s a young adult Half-Orc who was originally ousted from his school of study because he proved to be too volatile for the typical wizard.

Gigul is the type of wizard who isn’t afraid to get his robes dirty, actually, far from it. He loves getting down and dirty, the joy he takes in executing justice and protecting others in blood-and-fire filled combat is what drives his studies.

Gigul personally believes that a magical tome is mightier than any sword or hammer. This opinion about fighting has made him an exile from his own race.

Gigul tries to act like a wise and sensible wizard, but it only takes one or two misplaced words before he’s threatening to burn down the entire town, resurrect their corpses, and then burn it down again. He is quick to anger, and quick to act. A deadly combination for a person of a low temper.

Gigul has light green skin, he towers over most people at a height of 6’9″, has crispy brown eyes, has a full head of red-brown hair pulled into a ponytail, and has a full beard and mustache of the same color.

Gigul carries around with him, at all times, his spell book (a charred leatherbound book, filled with hundreds of small notes about how to most effectively use his spells), his arcane focus (a 6ft tall woven wood staff, with a 1ft diameter crystal-glass crescent-moon-shaped orb atop it), and a bandelier of utility items (strapped to it is anything ranging from holy water and vials of acid, to pouches of heavy items he can magically catapult at his enemies.).

Overall, Gigul pretends to be righteous and just, but he can’t ignore his racial tendencies towards destruction, chaos, and violence.

Half-Orc Fire Wizard

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