Monster Monday: Fred the Giant Flying Laser-Eyed Turtle

Thanksgiving Monster Monday! But this ain’t no turkey. This magical creature come from the delightful mind of Mila, age 7. Her creation is Fred. Fred is a Giant, Flying, Laser-Eyed Turtle. Now, you might be thinking – Dan, that’s a turtle with a backpack. And I say, nay friend. This is a GIANT Turtle. That flies. And it has a backpack full of techno whiz bangs and digital mecha thingys. That jet powered propellor coming out of the bottom of it is just one of it’s many, countless, unnamed features. And through the power of imagination and osmosis, that backpack is powered by the turtle. Who can also shoot lasers from his eyes. And this is all possible because it eats Emeralds.

Science or Magic? I’ll never tell.

What I love about this monster’s name is that it precisely and accurately describes the creature you are going to see. It’s not like The Drumpf (Don’t click that link in front of kids) or Hawktopus where the name does not adequately prepare you for the kind of creature you are about to see. No, Fred the Giant Flying Laser-Eyed Turtle is pretty much a bang on description of what you’re going to see.

Fred the Giant Flying Laser-Eyed Turtle Original

Giant Flying Turtle Original Image

Mila’s artwork is wonderful and has a lot of action in it. I didn’t feel like I could do the laser-eyes justice in my version – but I did want to show him lazily enjoying a good meal of emeralds. I also added some bird friends into the mix.

Fred the Giant Flying Laser-Eyed Turtle Final

Giant Flying Turtle Final Image

Fred the Giant Flying Laser-Eyed Turtle Before & After

Giant Flying Turtle Comparison Image

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