DreamingSilver was one of my final photography projects at York University.

My professor, recognizing my growing flirtations with the digital realm and my emerging talents with Photoshop, allowed me access to a pretty unique machine that I’ve since forgotten the name of. Essentially, the machine scanned in the negative at an incredibly high resolution rate and converted it into a useable file suitable for manipulation. Once the photo had been manipulated in photoshop, this machine could then put this image on to a new slide of film as though a photo had been taken, giving any of the digital works the grainy real feel that film photography is noted for. The depth of texture in these pictures (when printed) gave a different life to these images that I have not been able to duplicate sense.

Because this provided me with a unique opportunity to nearly photograph the images in my mind, DreamingSilver became a project about creating snapshots of dreams I’d had.

Enjoy the set of works below.

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