Drawing Jam: Masuimi

I was able to convince my employer to get me a tablet as part of my equipment package before I started. I have a much crappier basic version at home, which I’ve been using to draw No Reason comics. But this, this is a full on Intuos. The best part was, they weren’t quite as ready for me when I started, so I’ve had about a week to ‘get acclimatized’ to the office without any real work. And it’s not for lack of trying, I’ve been dropping in on pretty much everyone seeing where I might be able to dive into something. In between checking in and getting to know my new colleagues, I’ve been taking advantage of the downtime and getting some play time with the tablet. I found a ‘drawing jam’ forum, where they post a new image each week (yes, it’s pretty much always hot girls). This one is Masuimi Max from iamtrouble.com.


It’s not a bad start. I really need to make this a habit.

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