Drawing Jam: Luba

When I first started playing around with digital drawing after I got my first tablet I started practicing by participating in some Drawing Jams. This is from October 2005’s Drawing Jam. It’s Petter Hegre’s wife, Luba. I should be pretty clear I have no idea who Petter Hegre is. One of my favourite classes in University is when we had live models come in. Admittedly, Drawing Jams seems to focus exclusively on hot women, but that wasn’t always the case in school. There’s something about drawing from life. I think it has to do with the idea of translating what is there, into what one can draw. Seeing what pops out from the illustration, and how style develops in relation to photographic drawings or reproductions is an invigorating part of the process.

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I should really make this a regular thing that I participate in.

Luba Final Drawing

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