Arrakas the Dragonborn Paladin Warlock

One more from my first reddit /r/characterdrawing call post, because again, there was a lot of cool submissions. I honestly wish I could have done all of them. I couldn’t stop thinking about this one. I’ve got a soft spot for Dragonborn – them and Warforged. I’ve only had the opportunity to play one once, under 3.5 rules, and it was awesome. Any chance I can play another one, I’ll jump at it. So here is Arrakas, a Dragonborn Paladin Warlock.

Dragonborn Paladin Warlock Description

  • Name: Arrakas
  • Race: Bronze Dragonborn
  • Class/Level:Paladin 5 / Warlock 4
  • Edition: playing weekly in a 5e game
  • Background: Soldier (Officer)


Pretty huge, bulky bronze dragonborn. Has seen quite some action, so scars here and there. His eyes have a blueish glow to them, especially since he received his Warlock powers. He wears full plate (minus the helmet) with a big red cape free flowing from his shoulders. A big tower shield is never far from his side. Big symbol of Bahamut covers the face of said shield. His weapon of choice is a warhammer, which he occasionally will use two-handed if the situation requires it. In case pounding a way with a hammer does no good, he always has the greatsword inherited from his ‘brother’ Devin (see backstory) to help him with his slashing needs. This greatsword hangs over his shoulder, ready to be drawn in a heartbeat.

If a ranged attack should be required, he always has some javelins that hang from a pack carried by his trusty Giant Lizard-mount, affectionately named Scales.

If the need for stealth and scouting arises, Arrakas can always count on his Pseudodragon familiar, Luffty (the name is a nostalgic reference to a previous campaign).

Backstory: Arrakas is the son of Erafras, a Dragonborn clan leader that rebelled against the human noble lord that ruled over the lands occupied by Arrakas’ father. This rebellion failed miserably, Erafras was defeated, but not killed, as he had proven himself a worthy opponent in battle & a true leader of his people.

The human Lord took in Arrakas as a ward, as to protect his people against a new rebellion. During this time Arrakas was raised as one of his own sons and trained and taught as if Arrakas was a human noble child. During his ‘teens’, Arrakas was sent to a Paladin Order to squire for the Paladin Knights together with the Lord’s son, Devin. Arrakas was allowed to keep praying to his own gods, the Ancient Dragon Spirits of his forefathers, as long as he kept fighting for the peace and light in the world.

They quickly caught the attention of the Paladins and rose in rank quite early for their age. They became part of a unit in charge of patrolling the borders and gained experience fighting cultists, necromancers and other evil creatures.

It was not long before they both gained ranks, quickly rising to officer rank. When word reached Erafras, rumours reached Arrakas that he apparently was no longer welcome in his clan, as he had become a human lapdog and the clan would no longer accept him as one of their own.

Arrakas regretted this, but had gained a new family in his brother Devin & his Holy Order and found joy and hope that different species might live together in harmony after all.

During a mission that seemed quite routine, Arrakas’s unit was wiped out entirely by a huge white dragon, and Devin was brutally ripped apart by drakes commanded by Dragon Cultists. In his dying moments, Arrakas heard a booming voice in Draconic speak to him: “Try harder little dragonling. You swore an oath to me, you try to act like us, but clearly that’s not enough to keep you out of your grave. No, you need to be like us. Now get up, and taste our true power.”

It was at this time that Arrakas realized he had been chosen to be patronized by the Ancient Dragon Spirits and he would receive powers from them unknown to others in this world.

He now seeks out the Dragon Cultists actively, not only by order of his Paladin Commander, but also driven by the Spirits, demanding that he clears their threat.

Dragonborn Paladin Warlock

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