Dacki the Six-Armed Gnome Rogue

So I got a lot of great submissions in my first call for characters on reddit. I had said I was only going to do one, but a few were just too good not to do. One of those was Dacki Leavo, the six-armed Gnome.

Six-Armed Gnome Description


Dacki Leavo was born as a member of a set of triplets. His older brothers, Tacki and Vracki, were born two days before Dacki (gnomes are weird when it comes to reproduction, lol). As such, he was oft the butt of many jokes made by his brothers and the target of praise by his mother as he “had extra time to become even sweeter”. Bah, what does ma’ know?

He grew up close to his brothers, exploring the streets of Belka. However, he did not share the same outlook on life as the older of the triplets. Vracki would often steal from passerby as Tacki distracted them. Dacki spent many an hour trying to place the stolen items back in the possessions of the victim after his brothers got bored with the trinkets. This practice lead to their future careers as Professional Thieve’s For Hire. That is, they formed their own group to steal back things stolen from the helpless. Try as he might, Dacki could never get his brothers to give back the entire value of the objects stolen, but at least a majority was making it back to the hands of the victims.

On one such very secret mission, Dacki and his brothers infiltrated the lair of an alchemist to steal back a particular trinket. In fact, the alchemist was a lich and the trinket was his phylactery desired by the head of a church of Pelor. In the process of the heist, Vracki and Tacki could not get the best of their greed, and were caught stealing a number of potions. Dacki watched in horror as the lich began experimenting on them and he knew he had to spring into action. Unfortunately, he was no match for such an enemy…his vision faded after the first magic blast hit him.

Dacki woke up, sore and itchy, and managed to witness the fall of the lich to the hands of a beautiful, bat winged paladin. As he sat up, he scratched his chest, only to realize he was scratching his neck AND chest AND stomach at the same time! Dacki could do nothing but weep as he looked down at his hands, Vracki’s hands, and Tacki’s hands…all attached to his body. The six armed Dacki was next on the paladin’s list, but in the final moment before she swung her blade, she noticed the fear and emotion Dacki was displaying. Seeing potential for a horrible beast to redeem itself and Dacki having no where else to go, the two banded together to rid the land of evil.

Now he utilizes his skills as a rogue to give his partner the flank she needs and six daggers into the back of evildoers. While the extra arms are handy (hardee har har) in combat, they prove to be trouble in civilized areas. It seems his brothers’ old habits are still occurring through their arms. For example, Dacki’s extra arms pickpocket strangers as he walks by, and even sometimes reverse pickpocket some of Dacki’s possessions. The naughty actions of the extra arms have gotten better over time, but they still prove to be a nuisance.


(Feel free to embellish where needed) Dacki wears specially designed leather armor that can accommodate his disfigured form. His belt, pants, and boots all house sheathed daggers, with his favorite on his left, dominant side: A paralyzing dagger. He has grey eyes and short black hair with a black goatee.

Dacki The Six Armed Gnome Rogue

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