Bridesmaid Book & Speech

For a gift from the Maid of Honour to the Bride I illustrated a short story. I’m dubbing it the ‘Bridesmaid Book’ because the title doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you know the people involved. This was mostly a labour of love. I was really honoured to have the opportunity to work on it. The story ended up being the majority of the maid of honour’s speech.

McFairyTale Bridesmaid Book

Not posting the entirety of the images, because it’s an intimate and personal story. But here’s a sampling of the images:

On a side note: it can be gratifying when your work brings tears to someone’s eyes. Even given that the situation is highly emotional, playing a part in being able to draw those kinds of emotions to the surface is gratifying. I think it marks a certain success in the visual communication aspect.

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