Bacon Horse & Strawberry Horse

My nephew once had a dream. The dream was about a bacon horse. The idea was so captivating that I had to draw it up. That was 2 years ago.

Recently, I was compelled to revisit bacon horse. A similar situation with my niece brought that idea back up. I’ll get to that one in a moment.

Bacon Horse hasn’t truly left me yet. It still surfaces in my thoughts from time to time – other ways it could be done, done better. Bacon horse is one of those things that just rolls off the tongue, and sticks in the mind. It evokes wonderful visions of a creature that is magnificent and fantastic. Bacon Horse is regal and it is potentially delicious. It isn’t a pig, despite it’s appearance, it is a horse. It is a horse *made* of bacon. The bacon is horse-like.

I love the minds of kids – they rationally irrational.

So here, based on my nephew nonchalantly telling us about his dream about a horse made of bacon, is the revised illustration:

Bacon Horse

Bacon Horse Redbubble | Society6 | Design by Humans | Threadless

Now, on a recent visit with my niece, I had this little gem of an interaction:

Niece: (no prompt): “I’m a strawberry horse!”

Me: “Do you know what happens to strawberry horses? I EAT THEM!”

(pick up my niece and NOM NOM NOM)

Niece (squealing): “I’M A REGULAR HORSE.”

Those kids make me laugh, a lot.

So, obviously now I had to draw up a Strawberry horse. This isn’t a My Little Pony horse named Strawberry. It’s a horse that is a strawberry. The strawberry is a horse. Laws of nature be damned, let this vegetation take on mammalian life.

Strawberry Horse

strawberry_horse_v2_web Redbubble | Society6 | Design by Humans | Threadless

The design is also partly inspired by “The Breakfast Unicorn“. I loved that design so much, I had to try to emulate the style. I don’t think that style is one I’m going to work with a lot, but there are elements that I do like that may transfer into future work. The stippling, for example is a nice way of doing the shading that adds a certain texture that I really like. I want to explore that further and try and work with it in the next round of Monster Monday drawings.

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