This is part of a series of ‘Blogger Names’ that I did into wordmarks.

“3PennyProphet” is an online nickname that I use from time to time, and for personal email. The idea spawned for it when, while driving in downtown Toronto, I noticed a sign that said 3PP Computers. I have no idea what 3PP could have stood for in relation to computers. That bugged me. I fixate on weird things like that sometimes. The next half hour or so I was in the car, I was thinking of all sorts of different combinations of words.

One that stuck out for me was ‘Penny Prophet’. I’ve been one of those people who would allow themselves to get swept up into forum debates over rhetoric and assumption. I love debating. I’ve been on debate teams. I love a good back and forth discussion, but the internet is a weird place to exchange ideas. It inevitably becomes hostile. Although I feel I’m usually pretty well-informed, and I try to be reasonable, I can get carried away. Engaging in a debate on the internet is always a losing proposition. Much like war, nobody really wins, especially with the volume of undeleted misinformation that gets spread around. Our need to preserve any and all data has lead to veritable hordes of incorrect ‘facts’ and backed up myths that people still readily believe.

While engaging in these debates, I noticed that a lot of people really just want to toss in their ‘two cents’. They don’t really want to discuss it, and they often will dig in and stand by it, no matter what. And so, in my mind, at the time, with those conjuctions of thoughts around the name of a computer store and my experiences in forums, was born a tongue in cheek kind of nickname – 3pennyprophet.

I don’t actually use the image anywhere. I just like it.


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