T-Shirt Tuesday: 4 More Monsters!

Guys! I just added more monster drawings to the online stores!

First, I have a couple of designs in competition over at Threadless, and if you’d go and give me some votes, that’d be great.

Pomme De Terror

Pomme De Terror

Apples V. Oranges

applevorange_m1s_submission_v1 Not yet posted. Will update with link when it’s approved for voting.

How Food Babies Are Made


Check out what’s now available from me:


20160822-Fireball-Chase_1 Redbubble | Threadless | Design By Humans | Society6


20160829-Hawktopus-Raine_2 Redbubble | Threadless | Design By Humans | Society6


Monster Monday's Rex by Nate Redbubble | Threadless | Design By Humans | Society6

Big Green Eyeball Monster

Big Eyeball by Alina Redbubble | Threadless | Design By Humans | Society6

T-Shirt Tuesday: Monster Mondays Mania!

So I’ve finally gone through and ‘set-up’ a bunch of online stores. This is so that depending on where you are, you can pick the product you want from the price you like – shipping costs, product types will vary from retailer to retailer, so figure out which product selection you’d like and go from there. You can get a t-shirt. Or you can get lots of other stuff if you’d prefer – mugs, art prints, hoodies, phone cases and more. I really hope to see some of these monster t-shirts out in the world!

For a breakdown:

  • Design by Humans has a decent array of products, including clothing, art prints and phone cases.
  • Redbubble has a huge array of products. Great quality. Shipping might be an issue depending on where you live.
  • Society6 is just the art prints for now.
  • Threadless is mostly just t-shirts.
  • Zazzle is a wide array of crap, but it’s shipping might be the cheapest.

Edit: I’m dropping Zazzle from my rotation. The store/product management tools are asinine and time consuming. The other POD services group everything by design, so you can add or remove products based on the design. Zazzle instead insists that every product is unique, which makes management a nightmare. They have a mass uploading tool which looks like it was meant to address that issue, but it’s almost worse to do it that way.

I’ve started off by adding in all of the recent Monster Monday drawings:

20160605-SkyRobotMonster-Levi_small Design by Humans | Redbubble | Threadless | Society6

Wrecker Feature Image Design by Humans | Redbubble | Threadless | Society6

Rawr by Nate Design by Humans | Redbubble | Threadless | Society6

Pencil Monster by Theo, Age 3 Design by Humans | Redbubble | Threadless | Society6

Mitten The Kitten Design by Humans | Redbubble | Threadless | Society 6

If you purchase merchandise, tweet me photos of you with it!

Will Beg For Coffee Mug

Will Beg For Coffee. Really.

Will Beg For Coffee. Really.

My mug collection continues to grow. This one came via a Christmas Party Gift Exchange. If you’ve never played this game, it’s pretty straight forward: Everyone buys a gift (good, bad, whatever) with a price limit on it. This exchange limit was $20, I believe. Then everyone puts the gifts in a pile, and then draws numbers. In the order of the numbers, each person selects a gift – or, once multiple gifts have been opened, then that person can steal an opened gift. A gift can only be stolen twice. My wife stole this one for me – I ended up with some cookie maker iron skillet. I love this, not only because it’s a mug, but it speaks to two of my favourite things: Dogs and coffee. I would definitely beg for coffee.

It came with a mug warmer – this little device that acts as a mini hot plate to keep your mug of coffee warm. I thought it might be useful, because usually on my second cup I tend to let my coffee sit for long periods of time. However, I realized after my first use of it that I forget to turn things off if it’s not readily apparent. I had left it on long after I finished my coffee and brushed my arm past it, nearly giving myself a burn. I decided to toss the potential fire hazard and kept the mug.

This mug has already seen some good use, as evidenced by the chip in the lip. Hazards of not having a dishwasher.