No Reason Comics Mug



If anything, this was more fan art than merchandise. Jeff Moss‘s dad, Dave requested a couple of high resolution jpgs from me at one point. He was pretty vague on the details, but it’s not like I asked a lot of questions. When Dave asks, Dave gets.

At the time, it was when No Reason Comics was on the upswing. My drawings were still rough, the writing was starting to coalesce, and we were starting to hit a solid step. I don’t think anyone was prouder of our little webcomicing than Dave. I know my own Dad read only a few, before abandoning trying to follow it with a ‘I just don’t get it.’

Dave had a few of these mugs made up, and I thought it was pretty great. I really like this mug, even though it’s pretty small. It reminds me to keep trying to make time for the stuff I want to do.

I had some pretty high ambitions about creating more merchandise and making some money off of No Reason. And one of the most disappointing times in my life so far has been having to give up doing the comic. I have hopes of returning to comicing in the near future, but as long as it can’t be my primary source of income, and I’m as slow as I am at drawing… well, it’s still on ‘hiatus’ in my mind.

One day.

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