Stonethrow Pottery Mug


There’s something about pottery mugs that sets them apart from the other mugs in my collection. It’s not to say that they’re better, or that I love them more, but there’s something about the hand-crafted artistry of these mugs that makes them special. Each one, in it’s own way is unique, with it’s own litte imperfections, and yet so masterfully done that they fit within a set.

That to me, is craftsmanship. And in the industrialized age, something I feel like we’re losing a bit – that ability to create something so well that it is nearly indistinguishable from the previous one, or the next. To be able to shape that with one’s hands, to pick a shape and recreate it, or to mold materials so expertly, is something that I always admire. It’s something easily done with machines, but there is an authenticity, and sometimes a durability that is lost with the ability to mass produce.

I haven’t been to the Stonethrow Pottery Studio yet. But I can tell there’s a certain level of professionalism and attention to aesthetic details that really impresses me. The name is stamped into the bottom. The mixture of textures between the rough bottom and the smooth top is something I haven’t seen before. And it may sound hokey, but there’s something about this mug that feels like it says things; the way art should. It talks about the earth, about something solid and growing.

This was a gift from my (as of the writing of this post) future mother-in-law, Judy.

Thanks Judy!

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